Did you know August 26th is Women’s Equality Day? This holiday has been celebrated since 1973 to commemorate the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, which states, “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” While this holiday is rooted in granting women the right to vote, a lot has changed since 1920, and Women’s Equality Day stands for much more. 


Today, we shine a light on women’s organizations nationwide that strive to achieve equal opportunities and use it as a day to reflect on how far we’ve come and where we as a country still need to grow. 


As a woman-owned company, this holiday is one that is very close to Webb Insurance Group’s heart. In 2004, President Laura Webb took over Nationwide Insurance firm and transformed it into the successful insurance agency it is today. Her journey towards creating a company built on loyalty, customer service, competitive offerings, and equality took a lot of hard work. 


Years later, Laura has been featured for her accomplishments in many ways. Most recently, the Working Women of Tampa Bay and the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce invited Laura to be one of four female business owners to speak on a panel about their secrets to longevity in business. Laura has continued to nurture and help her business, Webb Insurance Group, grow and expand for seventeen years! 


She has a passion for using her story to encourage women to be leaders, help drive equality in the workforce, and inspire the next generation of women entrepreneurs. Back in 2019, Laura was on the planning committee for the Women of EO 2019 Summit in Bogota, Colombia. Her take was that “Women of EO provides the right tools to support women’s entrepreneurial journeys, every step of the way. I believe it’s a great opportunity for me to share my experience and advocate for women entrepreneurship.”


Laura Webb has also had the honor of serving The Girl Scouts Of America on various occasions. She has been featured on their panel for the “Global Action Summit,” with a mission to empower all women and girls to take action globally and push towards gender equality. After this empowering experience she stated, “when you amount to any sort of success, it is important to share your experience and knowledge. Speaking with these young women was truly inspiring, they were so driven and it gave me a lot of hope for the future.”


Laura uses her background, experience, and knowledge as a way to encourage the next generation because, while we have come a long way as a nation, there is still work to be done! It is important, no matter your gender, to get involved in your community and use your talents and experiences to inspire those around you to create a society that gives an equal voice and opportunity to all people. 

Be sure to support your local, women-owned and operated businesses. Webb Insurance Group is here to help with any of your personal or commercial insurance needs, get in touch.