This past year and a half has certainly impacted some of our travel plans due to borders closing down, among other problems. At Webb Insurance Group, we know most people are craving to get out of their homes and see the world. But, if there are still factors preventing you from buying that plane ticket, such as budget, work, or health concerns, we’ve compiled a list of 10 things to do when you want to travel but can’t, whatever reason that may be. Keep reading to learn more!

  1. Whichever country is your dream destination, whether that’s Italy, Japan, or Peru, occupy your time by learning the language from that country! Although it may seem daunting, there are so many fun and easy ways to learn languages now, such as Rosetta Stone or Duolingo. Learning a language not only helps submerge yourself in culture, but it’ll also prepare you for when you do eventually get to travel to that dream destination. Once you’ve got some basics down, try watching your favorite TV show or movie in that language and see how much you can understand. 
  2. Learning to cook a new recipe from a different country helps immerse yourself in trying new foods and opens up your tastebuds to new flavors! There are so many recipes out there to try, whether you’re looking to make a traditional dish or a quick snack. All you have to do is gather the ingredients, which may even take you to a traditional Asian store if you’re looking to make something like Pho or Dimsum. If you’re not that confident in the kitchen, try finding a cooking class or a “hole in the wall” restaurant for the cuisine you want to try. 
  3. If you’re looking to get creative, try coloring, painting, or embroidering something traditional from your dream destination or a landscape! You can find plenty of coloring books specific to a country or find YouTube tutorials of paintings or embroidery to recreate. 
  4. To feel like you’re actually in a faraway destination, try picking up a book that’s setting takes place in a different country. You’ll be surprised how real it can feel when you’re truly captivated by a book, as the setting and characters all come to life! Venture to a local bookstore and find travel memoirs or a novel to read. If you prefer to listen to books, you can try Audible or your local library for audiobook options or even podcasts. 
  5. If you’re looking to sit down with some yummy snacks (maybe ones you’ve made) and some popcorn, watch classic movies or TV shows set in a different country. Or even movies and shows directed by people from other countries. Taking in the scenery, cuisine, and language, even through a screen, can make you feel like you’re traveling right from your couch. 
  6. What better way to learn more about a different culture or country than reading travel blogs! Bloggers take time curating the perfect synopsis of their adventures abroad, and usually have beautiful pictures and videos to accompany their writing. Or, watch travel bloggers on YouTube video diary their experiences so you can live vicariously through them!
  7. If you want to get together with some friends or family for a fun evening, encourage everyone to bring or make something from a different country! Not only will this be a fun way to continue trying new foods, but it’s also a great way to help your friends discover new recipes. 
  8. Although a simple idea, scroll around on Google Maps or Google Earth to “visit” different countries! You may be able to spot some interestingly named cities and towns virtually, and get a tour before you get to go. Or, find some museum websites from your dream destination to explore online. 
  9. Another great idea to do with friends and family, similar to the potluck mentioned early of different foods, is getting together and creating a mini international fair. Decorate a table or corners of your homes with flags, pictures, of course, food, and maybe try dressing traditionally from a different country! You can even set up games or music played in different countries for an added level of fun. 
  10. Lastly, start planning your future trip! Whether it’s to your dream destination and you’ve started saving up, or you’re opting to stay local, it’s never a bad time to do research on TripAdvisor or Trivago for deals on activities and accommodations. Planning in detail some of the places you want to visit or restaurants you want to try can help you budget and see what’s worth visiting. 

Whichever travel tip you choose to try out, Webb Insurance Groups wants to make sure you’re staying safe, but also having fun! With the holiday season approaching, it may feel like you’re missing out on travel opportunities, but now you can scratch that travel itch without leaving the comfort of your home.