Having someone break into your commercial business space is truly a frightening experience. Items costing hundreds of dollars can be broken or stolen and can even take a toll on your bottom line. According to Johnson Controls, in 2015 alone there were 448,617 reports of business burglaries in the United States resulting in $800 million in losses. 

At Webb Insurance Group, we want to make sure you know the best way to prevent any unfortunate events like this from occurring by providing you with nine tips on how to prevent commercial burglaries. Although some of these tips may seem insignificant at the start, they can save your business large sums of money in the long run!

  1. Commercial retailers must be wary about keeping high-value items near any doors or windows. Whenever closing down your business for the night, be sure to place all of these items that can be moved in a locked safe, otherwise be sure that all curtains are closed so larger items can’t be seen from outside. Similarly, any high-risk window displays should be removed when the store is closed. 
  2. All commercial businesses with window displays should consider switching from normal glass windows to something sturdier, such as laminated windows or tempered glass. When either of these are broken, they are much louder and will draw attention to any potential unwanted intruders. 
  3. Deter burglars from trying to break into your business space by placing bars on windows, skylights, and doors, especially if you’re located in a high-risk area. Additionally, consider getting double-cylinder deadlocks as this type of lock requires a key to open it from two sides, making it more challenging for burglaries to occur.
  4. Always keep safes secure and hidden so as not to attract any burglars from finding and opening them, as they know valuable items and larger sums of money are usually stored inside. Reducing their visibility will help keep your assets protected. You can also purchase a safe that secures to the floor or wall for added security, and it is recommended to not leave large bills or amounts of money in the safe overnight.
  5. A no-brainer would be to install quality security cameras and alarm systems to keep burglars away. Cameras can record any suspicious activity and make finding any criminals easier for the police. Alarm systems will also notify you and the authorities of any unwanted intruders, especially with reliable alarm responses. But be careful, as sometimes burglars will trip the alarm without entering to see how long a response takes from the police to plan future action.
  6. Alongside purchasing security devices, it’s also a good idea to get a visible sign to alert individuals that cameras and alarms are present because they often work as a deterrent. 
  7. Keeping your commercial business clean and well-cared for shows that you keep a close eye out for any suspicious activity. Make sure all of your signs are up to date and keep your business place clean. It’s also important to make sure the surrounding area of your business, such as landscaping, is maintained.
  8. Your commercial retail space should be well-lit both inside and outside, especially where high-value items are displayed or kept and at any windows or doors. You should also make sure you can see your cash register from the outside of your space so that police patrols can check for any suspicious activity. But, don’t forget to empty the trays when you’re closing for the night!
  9. If you’re looking for an additional layer of protection than all of the others previously discussed, you could also consider getting a security guard. They can be highly effective at deterring burglars, or if they do occur, they are professionally trained for the adequate response. 

At Webb Insurance Group, we want you to know the best ways to keep you and your commercial business safe! We hope these tips can help keep you protected, but we also recommend purchasing insurance for that added level of caution. Consider purchasing property, general liability, or commercial umbrella insurance to keep your business safe. Learn more here