Laura Webb, president of Webb Insurance Group in Tampa, Florida is on the planning committee for the Women of EO 2019 Summit in Bogota, Colombia this August.

Women of EO Group Members and prospective EO members will come together to share in a Once in a Lifetime Experience: The Women of EO 2019 Summit. This innovative summit will bring women together around the most significant areas of our lives: business, health, leadership, relationships, family and personal growth.

The Women of EO Summit is an intimate, personal and professional growth Summit, designed to unify women entrepreneurs and empower them to live their best life. “It’s very exciting to be on the planning committee for the Women of EO 2019 Summit ,” said Laura. “Women of EO provides the right tools to support women’s entrepreneurial journeys, every step of the way. I believe it’s a great opportunity for me to share my experience and advocate for women entrepreneurship.”

About Webb Insurance

Webb Insurance Group was founded in 2004 by Laura Webb and has successfully served the Tampa Bay region by providing excellent customer service and superior offerings. The company has been recognized at the local and national levels for its commitment to the highest levels of customer service.