There are many reasons why you might be in the market for insurance. Whether you just bought a new car, home, or are renting an apartment, it’s a great idea to start looking at options for insurance. While coverage on your assets may give you peace of mind, the actual process of deciding on a company to get insurance from can be time-consuming and frustrating. We’re here to simplify that process for you with the top five benefits of using local insurance companies. There are several benefits of working with a local insurance agency, and these benefits make insurance far easier for you in the long run. So, why go to a local insurance company?

The Right Coverage at the Right Price 

How do you know which insurance company will give you the best rates? You can turn dozens of phone calls into just one by giving your info and coverage needs to your local insurance company. They’ll do the work for you and come back with the best quotes for you to choose from. Your local insurance agent will get to know you and can match the right insurance to your needs at the right price. This is our exact process at Webb Insurance Group, and our client retention rate proves how well it works.

Local Knowledge as Part of the Package Deal

National insurance companies may provide excellent coverage, but their call agents aren’t experts on your local area and they also have millions of other clients to look out for. Local insurance companies, however, are familiar with your neighborhood. For example, our team at Webb Insurance Group will know that your home needs extra flood coverage being in Florida, especially during hurricane season. A local company will be able to better understand your unique needs to adjust coverage – a national insurance company may not be as familiar with the individual needs of clients in particular areas.

Immediate and Personalized Answers 

Finding an insurance policy that meets your needs and fits your budget can be tricky. Having an insurance company that knows exactly what you’re looking for means getting answers to your questions easier and faster. That is why it is so beneficial to work with local insurance companies who know exactly what they’re doing, offer immediate and personalized services, and have the capacity to respond in a crisis. Just as you need someone who understands the microclimate of your city, you need someone who can apply that knowledge to find immediate solutions when you need them most. Drop-in, call us, or shoot us an email, anytime! 

Supporting Small Businesses and the Local Economy 

Supporting local businesses in your community helps the local economy – it gives the local community jobs, and access to products and services. Spending your money there helps to stimulate the local economy and keep business booming within your local region, and working with your local insurance company helps the economy just as much as it helps your community and yourself. 

Access to Referrals and Connections from a Local Insurance Company

Having access to referrals and connections from a local insurance company that is active in the local community is simply invaluable. No one knows the community better than they do, so you can rest assured they are looking out for your best interest! 

Local Insurance Companies = The Smart Choice

Rather than calling around for hours to get your insurance quote, call a local insurance company. You’ll get expert advice from someone who knows you and the area you live in. And while buying directly from a national insurance company may seem like a money-saving idea, in the long run, it makes your life more difficult and most likely more expensive. Get the personalized help you need finding the right insurance, and you’ll be grateful in the long run. 

At Webb Insurance Group, we always keep our customers as our first and foremost priority. If you’re looking for an insurance rate comparison for your personal or business needs, we’d love to help out. Contact us today!