The Gulf Coast surrounding Tampa, Florida combined with constant tropical weather makes it the perfect spot for beautiful coastal homes. They catch the eye as they blend in so wonderfully with the gorgeous panoramic views of the ocean that flows with the clusters of clouds in the blue sky. These homes may be pretty to look at, but can be quite risky when hurricane season rolls around. It is important to have the right home insurance to protect you and your family’s assets throughout the year so that you can sit back and enjoy your coastal view with minimal anxiety.

Luckily, your friends at the Webb Insurance Group can help by connecting you with a specialized coastal home insurance plan. Our professional team is equipped and happy to provide you with the best advice in determining the optimal home insurance coverage that will avail your precious coastal property.

Webb Insurance Group has aligned with several partners, so that we can suggest coastal home insurance options that fit your unique needs and, most of all, your budget specifications. Our experienced team has heard all types of questions about insurance coverage options. We have come up with this list of the five most frequently asked questions, and their proper answers. Read on to learn what you need to know about the common issues coastal properties can be faced with.


1) Does your coastal home need additional insurance coverage?

When considering this question, the first thing you must acknowledge is how far the water is from your actual home. This distance matters quite a lot for insurance providers.

Take note that various carriers have different requirements when it comes to insuring homes along the coast. Their reasoning behind this is the increased possibility of danger homes on the water can incur such as flooding or any other damages from natural phenomena like strong gusts of wind.

There are many differentiations, but the majority of insurance providers will require some additional coverage when they are writing insurance policies for homes that are 3 miles or less from the water. For this reason alone, it is best to speak with a Webb Insurance Group advisor who is guaranteed to be experienced and specialize in this intricate area.

Our team can assure you that we are experts in navigating the complex realm of insurance coverage in coastal regions. It is critical to do business with a skilled agency that can offer concrete and reliable options, which other less experienced companies may overlook. 


2) How does additional coastal insurance coverage differ from your home’s standard policy?

Keep in mind that homes along the coast are more exposed to environmental hazards and possible threats. This is the primary reason why these properties need additional coverage that goes beyond your standard home insurance policy.

Coastal homes that have added policy coverage/s will include separate types of deductibles. These can include wind deductibles, named-storm deductibles, hurricane deductibles, and separate riders for flooding. To articulate further, here are two hypothetical examples: 

  1. In this case, your home is about 10 miles away from the coastline. You have a regular insurance policy on your house without a wind deductible. A storm comes and a strong wind knocks down a nearby tree and it lands on your roof. —>Your regular home insurance policy will more than likely cover your claim.
  2. In another case, your home is three or less miles from the coast and the same thing happens. —>You most likely will not get any payment for the damages. 

As you can imagine, it is critical to have additional wind and other deductibles on your insurance due to the ever-changing environment surrounding your coastal home.

It may sound complex, which is why Webb Insurance Group is here to help you out. Our extensive knowledge of insuring coastal properties will make you confident that you have the proper coverage so your assets can withstand the often ill-tempered nature of mother earth.


3) How are the wind, hurricane, or named-storm deductibles set for your coastal properties?

There are two ways in which these deductibles are set. One can be set at a flat fee that covers all three wind, hurricanes, and named-storms. Or the price will be set within a range of 1-5% of the total property value of your coastal home. This figure will depend on a variety of factors. It can depend on the home’s location, along with its probable risks, and the insurance provider you are considering.

At Webb Insurance Agency, our team understands the nitty-gritty of insuring coastal homes and properties. We will gladly walk all of our clients through the different deductible amounts and various pricing options, so you will know exactly what you are signing yourselves up for.

Our existing partnerships and relations with various providers in the coastal region allow us to work with families and find them the most beneficial deductibles. Work with us and obtain the optimal protection for your coastal properties, so you can enjoy your beautiful investments for many years to come.


4) How are policy limits set when adding coastal coverage or special plans to your home insurance for your coastal properties?

This is another component of a coastal home policy that you must discuss with a reliable insurance agent to help you with making the right choices. When the limits of a policy for your coastal property are set, several factors will be considered. These are: the coastal home’s property value, the actual distance of the property to the water, the county in which the property is located, and the age of the property. 

There are many factors to think about, which is why as a homeowner you should speak with a reputable insurance agent. They will find you a policy with maximum coverage so that you can be assured of your coastal home’s protection in cases of natural disasters.  


5) Do you need an additional flood insurance policy on top of the added coastal coverage on your coastal homes?

All homeowners must take note that flood damage has always been excluded from any kind of home or house insurance policy, even if there are added coastal coverage/s like wind or named-storm deductible.

This means that if your home sustains damage as a result of flooding, your standard house insurance policy will not cover the forthcoming repairs to fix your home.

We recommend that our clients have added flood insurance when they live close to the water. In fact, clients who reside in designated flood zones are required by law to purchase flood insurance so that they can maintain their mortgage.


At Webb Insurance Group, we know that it is critical for homeowners to have options when it comes to their insurance policies on their coastal properties. Our team is proud to have over 15 years of experience. We also have a vast network of partners to help you in your time of need. Take a look at our website and give us a call today so that we can help protect your precious coastal property. With issues as delicate as these, you cannot leave anything up to chance. Partner up with us and get the proper protection you need and deserve.