If you live in Tampa, Florida and have ever wondered whether you should get a fence or not, we at The Webb Insurance Group are here to answer your questions. After all, there are various issues, including a desire to establish boundaries—that fencing would clearly resolve.

Some Reasons to Consider Getting a Fence

  • Increased privacy for your family
  • Establishing boundaries between your neighbors
  • Keeping children & pets safe and sound in your yard
  • Adding value to your property 

Privacy & Boundaries

In essence, the boundaries of your relationship with your neighbors can be as clear as the fence line. Many people, after all, appreciate their privacy, as may you. With fencing, you can discreetly establish your preference for privacy and it will be clear that one must be invited over to your property to visit instead of having to experience surprise drop-ins. 

Additionally, many homeowners would like to prevent neighborhood children or animals from trespassing or ‘cutting through their yard.’ Whether you simply do not want other people’s children or pets in your yard or you are just wary of the liabilities, your feelings on this issue are rightfully so.

On the other hand, perhaps, you want to keep your own children, or pets, inside your yard. Here we must discuss the all-important issue of family safety. This topic may be especially imperative if you live near a busy road. What more important reason could there be to build a fence? Keeping your loved ones safe while they play outside by utilizing a fence can take a tremendous amount of weight and tension off a homeowner’s shoulders.

Increase Your Property Value

While it’s unlikely that this is your primary reason for building a fence, adding a fence to your home can certainly increase your property value. As Homes.com puts it, “One of the top five things that I hear most buyers tell me are “must-haves” while shopping for a new home is a fence. Sure they could always install one themselves, but most buyers in most markets desire to have it built and ready prior to purchase.” 

Fencing can be the cherry on top that most definitely helps new homeowners get slowly accustomed to their new neighborhood especially if they have not yet met the other people that will be living in their vicinity. Moreover, not only will you enjoy the benefits of your new fence, but you are also making a sound investment in your property.

Your Fence & Your Neighbors

How will constructing a fence affect your relationships with the neighbors? While the fencing can be a win-win by benefiting all parties, clear and effective communication is the key to a smooth process. (In fencing and any situation!)

After all, no one wants to get caught up in a dreaded fence conflict—that can even wind up in court—causing a waste of both time and effort for all involved. Therefore, being courteous and discussing future fence options with your neighbors can save everyone from a lot of strain and burdens in the long run.

Dealing with Possible Fence Conflicts

Even with the utmost honesty and best communication, there can still occasionally be fence conflicts. Whether it is a complaint from a neighbor over the construction of a fence, where the fence line is, or simply how it looks, it must be considered that some (if not all people) are very particular when it comes to their home. To prevent such fence conflicts, it is crucial to both know your property line and follow your HOA (homeowners association) guidelines. Such guidelines, for instance, may dictate the style or height of your fence.

As HG.org Legal Resources points out, the matter can prove costly if not handled properly: “When neighbors have disputes with each other over fences, the matter may lead to the courtroom with a dispute over the land and perimeter boundaries. It is important to resolve these matters quickly and with a calm demeanor so that costly litigation is not the end result.”

If a dispute is to occur, the process might play out something like this:

  1. Discussion of fence construction with neighbors
  2. Neighbor/s oppose the plan
  3. If both continue with their desires there may be mediation
  4. If there is no settlement in mediation and both wish to continue, they can go to court

Of course, as previously discussed, going to court is best to be avoided and hopefully, the previous steps will work so it doesn’t have to come to that. After all, it’s best for everyone if clear communication and level heads prevail. Unfortunately, of course, things do not always run so smoothly.

Other Considerations

  • Fence Height (e.g., 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet)
  • Fence Design (Many different types of material and possible looks)
  • Width of Fence Gates (e.g., wide enough to provide accessibility for things like lawn equipment, furniture or decor)
  • Where Your Property Line Is (must follow HOA Guidelines or your project may be shut down)

Enjoy Your Personal Space with Confidence

A tall enough fence can be the finishing touch you desire when you have a yard party, barbeque/grilling event, or even a casual hang out with a few friends. With a fence, you can feel more confident that the only people at your party are the ones you invited and let in, making for much easier relaxation.

For similar reasons, it is also easier to get outside and enjoy those sunny Florida days. Your family can tan or hang out around the pool without having to worry about any undesired onlookers.

For instance, the perfect fence height can maximize personal space. Also, a beautiful fence design around the house will be one of the first things visitors see. There may have to be some trade-offs according to your budget, but these are all concerns to discuss with the company installing your fence.

We’ve Got You Covered

As for homeowner’s insurance, most policies include coverage of additional structures on your property that can include fences, which will be listed as “other structures” for when you are doing your research. Some of those other structures that could be included are detached garages, guest houses, gazebos, in-ground pools, and tool sheds.

Having insurance is always your best bet considering the potential perils to the fence that can include fire, lightning, vandalism, fallen trees, and others. When such situations strike, you must be prepared.

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In the final analysis, choosing homeowners insurance is one of the most important investment decisions you’ll make. The more valuable your home, the more you have to lose due to unexpected mishaps and perils. If any of this interests you or you have additional questions, please contact us and speak with one of our knowledgeable advisers. Our phone number is 813-887-5531 and we’d love to discuss how we can best protect your home with you.

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