Car accidents can be a driver’s worst nightmare, yet what makes it more bearable is knowing that you have a great auto insurance policy that will provide you with what you need to recover from this stressful circumstance. Don’t get caught driving without insurance, the first thing you should do as soon as you get a car is to obtain an auto insurance policy to protect yourself. Unfortunately, many car accidents happen every day, and paying for the expenses of an accident can be very costly. By having car insurance, you can prevent so many financial consequences that could have a huge negative impact on your life.


Getting into an Accident Without Insurance


Getting into a car accident is already a tragedy, but being in an accident without insurance may be even worse. Depending on state laws, if you are the one who caused the accident, you could be liable for all the damages that happened to your car, to the other person’s car, as well as any health expenses. Also, if you get hit by someone else, you will have no coverage to help you fix the damages that have been done to your vehicle. If you were to get into an accident without car insurance, you could get into some serious debt that can turn one’s life upside down.


Getting Caught Without Insurance


Having car insurance can help you prevent further problems with law enforcement if they stop you for a routine traffic stop. You can always expect that a police officer will ask you for your vehicle’s registration and proof of insurance. If you have insurance, then you do not have anything to worry about, but if you do not, you will get fined (plus the fine for the reason they initially stopped you for). You can expect the ticket to be several hundred dollars, which will probably be more than what you would pay for your insurance premium. Also, if you get caught multiple times driving without insurance, you could get your driver’s license suspended or even face jail time.

After you get a ticket for driving without insurance, you will then be given a limited time frame to send in your proof of insurance to the county. If you do not do so within the time frame, you will need to pay the ticket in full and obtain a new insurance policy for your car in order to be able to drive once again.


An Officer Can Know If You Are Not Insured


The most common way for a police officer to find out if you are an uninsured driver is by stopping you because of a traffic violation or at a checkpoint. However, we are living in a world filled with technology, and police officers do not need to stop you to find out if you have auto insurance. There is a system called Automatic License Plate Recognition camera that finds uninsured drivers during traffic stops. This software runs the number of your license plate, captured by the camera, through a state database that will let an officer know if the driver is insured or not. However, police officers cannot run a license plate without stopping you for a traffic violation. So, the camera runs the license plate once the driver has been pulled over.  


States that Require Auto Insurance


Most states demand drivers to have auto insurance. New Hampshire and Virginia are the only two states that do not require insurance but will want proof of financial responsibility. This will show them that if you were to get in a car accident, you would be able to pay for the expenses. Either way, all states require drivers to show some type of liability coverage.

Insurance policies might be costly, but the consequences of driving uninsured can take a toll on your financial wellbeing, overall safety, and your own sense of security knowing what you’re doing is illegal. Going into debt because of a car accident is not worth it, get an insurance policy to protect yourself and your car which is a valuable investment. If you are looking for auto insurance, The Webb Insurance Group has the best rates around that you can combine with home or renter’s insurance and save even more. Contact us today!