So you’ve found the right home and now you need to come up with a plan to move. While the moving part can be stressful, you can significantly reduce the stress of moving into a new home by carefully planning your move ahead of time. We’ve created the ultimate moving guide with a timeline and checklist to make your move as painless as possible!


8 Weeks Before You Move

This is the amount of time we recommend to start planning your move. Here’s what you can do as you begin your moving journey:


  • Organize any and all documents 


Documents can range from moving estimates, to final bills, and any other info you get from moving companies. 


  • Keep track of furniture measurements 


The last thing you want when moving into your new home is to discover your couch won’t fit through the door. Measure all your big stuff to avoid a big mistake on moving day.


  • Start packing your first box 


We don’t mean packing your dishes. We suggest starting to pack any important info you have. These can be documents and other valuables – that way you’ll never forget which box has all your critical items. Don’t like hanging onto physical documents? Try uploading them to Google Drive and creating a folder specifically for important information! 


  • Backup your files 


Get your files and photos saved to the cloud or to an external hard drive. Your new home won’t be the same if you lose pictures of your wedding or your baby’s first steps. 


  • Identify what kind of move you’re doing


Before you do anything else, decide on if you’re doing all the moving yourself, having someone else do all the work, or if you’re going to find an option in between. This will help you solidify your moving plan.


6 Weeks Before You Move

Now that you’ve spent the last two weeks getting organized, it’s time to narrow down the moving services and supplies that you will need.


  • Research the moving company you want to work with


Narrow down your list to three or four options while keeping your budget in mind. Only take recommendations from trusted sources so that you can be sure an honest company is dealing with your cherished belongings.



Did you know you can get free moving boxes by contacting your local grocer and furniture stores? If you plan ahead, there’s a good chance you can get most of what you need without spending a dime. 


  • Take photos of your valuable belongings 


Not only will this save you time if you have to file a claim, but you can also use it to trim time off the unpacking process. 


  • Do small repairs


If you knock out some of the simple repairs before you leave, you can increase the odds of getting your security deposit back or selling your place. 


  • Create a room-by-room inventory and label your boxes  


You can prevent a massive headache if you have to file a claim for lost, stolen, or damaged goods by creating a room-by-room inventory. 


4 Weeks Before You Move

Your goal over the next two weeks is to book your movers and gather remaining supplies.


  • Book your moving company


Finalize your budget, get your quotes, and pull the trigger. Remember to keep all of your receipts and important dates in a folder with other important information.


  • Make travel arrangements 


If you decide to move on your own, this can mean planning your actual travel route.


  • Contact your internet, TV, and utility providers


This will allow you to enjoy all of the amenities by the time you move into your new home. 



If you’re worried about your belongings getting damaged or stolen, you might want to consider getting moving coverage. 


1-2 Weeks Before You Move

By now, you should finalize moving day logistics and have things packed and ready to go!


  • Begin packing up all your belongings


This includes disassembling big furniture items, emptying rooms, packing suitcases, collecting all keys and door openers, etc.


  • Schedule a final walk-through of your new home 


Make sure you know how to find things like the water heater, circuit breakers, and water shut-off valves. 


  • Take photos or videos of your empty home 


You want to be able to prove your house was in good condition when you moved out. 


  • Clean your new home before moving in


It’s a great idea to start cleaning your new home before you move all of your belongings into it. This will save time and the hassle of working around boxes and furniture. 


  • Identify unpacking priorities 


It’s tough to unpack everything in a single day, so we recommend planning out how to tackle the project in chunks. 


  • Finish packing before moving day


One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to try and do your packing on loading day. Moving day has the tendency to sneak up on you – make sure everything is ready before your movers or rental trucks arrive.


We hope that our moving checklist has been helpful to you and will allow you to move into your new home with peace of mind. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or are moving into your third or fourth home, you’ll want to make sure that you have adequate home insurance. Contact our team at Webb Insurance Group to find out how you can best protect your home.