During a pandemic, it is so important for everyone to look out for their personal well being. Whether that means using the extra time at home to finally relax, take different measures for self-improvement, or work on that project you have been putting off, people are finding all sorts of fulfilling ways to spend the time. What is interesting about all of this is that the economy has had to determine what type of businesses are still essential. Luckily, Webb Insurance Group has found ourselves in that essential category and we are working with all our might to prove how much we deserve it and spread our resources. Our mission has always been to protect Floridian families and their assets so that they can live a comfortable and relaxed lifestyle. While there isn’t anything we can do to protect against the health risks that we are all susceptible to during this eye-opening period of life, we want to use this time to issue additional forms of protection to the families we do business with because we know there are bigger things to worry about now.

Even though it seems like our lives have come to a halt, the world keeps on turning and that means hurricane season is approaching along with hot summer days and tropical storms. No one wants the added stress and uncertainty that this time of year brings on, especially while we are all worrying about a pandemic. Though nothing can completely eliminate worries of the potential damage that this season may bring, having sufficient flood insurance can certainly alleviate these stressors because you can know without a doubt that your assets are financially protected.


So, What is Florida Flood Insurance?

Essentially, this is the extra coverage Florida homeowners need because regular homeowner’s insurance does not cover losses incurred due to flooding. This is mainly due to the fact that flooding can cause an extremely destructive type of damage to your property, the structure of your home, and any of your belongings inside of it, depending on the height the water reaches. The location of your home will determine the type of coverage you will need and in some areas of this state, it is completely vital. If your current home, or future prospective home, is located in a National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) community, then you are eligible for flood insurance. You can find all of the Florida NFIP communities listed here or reach out to us here at the Webb Insurance Group to find out more about your specific community needs.

The Florida flood zone maps will calculate your home’s risk of flooding, but even if you are in a low-risk area, it is still critical to have coverage. For example, in 2017 Florida encountered the forces of Hurricane Irma which damaged homes that were only expected to the only flood once every 100 years. The costs of these unanticipated damages were extremely difficult for homeowners to absorb if not impossible for those who did not have flood insurance. Therefore, it is highly recommended that all Floridian homeowners purchase flood insurance regardless of the zoning where they live because there are no “flood free” zones. With the recent increases in natural disasters around the world, it is only appropriate to expect and prepare for the worst of circumstances.


What Does Florida Flood Insurance Cover?

The average National Flood Insurance Program policy provides coverage for replacement costs of up to $250,000. This applies to damage to the structure of the home. In regards to the loss of personal possessions, the standard flood insurance coverage is capped at a cash value of $100,000. Therefore, adjustments to your policy should be made according to the value of your assets and the amount of compensation you expect to need if flood damage does occur. One thing that is important for homeowners to remember is that flood insurance does not cover water damage from any other causes other than flooding. So, if you incur damage from wind-driven rain, leakage, or seepage issues, those claims will not be covered unless specified otherwise by your insurance provider.


What Is The Average Cost of Florida Flood insurance?

On average, Floridians can expect around a $700.00 commitment to flood insurance costs each year. Compared to the very possible damages that can occur within a single hurricane season, this is a very smart financial decision for any Florida homeowner to make. Paying around $700.00 each year to protect thousands of dollars worth of hard-earned assets is ideal. Not to mention how this financial security can take the weight off of your shoulders and stress off of your mind.

One last thing that is highly important to recognize is that there is a thirty-day waiting period for your Florida flood insurance to take effect. This is exactly why we are informing and reminding our clients to solidify their flood insurance policies now so that none of the families who we truly care about get left behind. Hurricane season is approaching very quickly, so be sure not to wait until it is already too late. We understand that everyone’s mind is elsewhere with all of the worries that exist in this time of uncertainty. Thus, the Web Insurance Group keeps pushing forward to make sure that everyone can obtain the policy that provides them with the security that they deserve. So, even though you have a lot on your mind due to the state of the world, do yourself a favor and allow yourself to not worry about the safety of your assets and let flood insurance do the work for you.

We are all consumed by a new way of life and the territories that exist within it. Yet, we cannot ignore the possible dangers that come from other areas of life. With all the worries of the world, take one off of your plate and solidify your flood insurance policy before the hurricane season. Though the Webb Insurance Group team is not physically in our office, we are all working tirelessly from our remote locations to provide the best service and insurance coverage to protect your family’s assets every step of the way. Give us a call today to find out how we can best prepare you for the up and coming 2020 hurricane season.


*This content was not written by a licensed insurance agent.*